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Ali Kemp’s promising life was cut short tragically while she worked as a lifeguard.Her family’s grief turned into a relentless pursuit of justice led by her father, Roger Kemp, who launched a pioneering billboard campaign to find her killer.Ali’s story is a testament to resilience and the quest for truth amidst heartbreak.

LocationLeawood, Kansas
EducationKansas State University
DreamWorking with underprivileged children
Tragic EventJune 2002
PerpetratorBenjamin Appleby
FatherRoger Kemp
Community ResponseBillboard Campaign
LegacyAdvocacy for Justice and Self-Defense Initiatives

Tragedy Strikes: The Story of Ali Kemp

In a peaceful suburb near Kansas City, tragedy struck the life of Ali Kemp.She was a lifeguard with dreams of helping underprivileged children.One fateful day in June 2002.While working at a community pool, she fell victim to a violent attack, leaving her family and community in shock.

Ali’s father Roger Kemp, refused to let her memory fade into darkness.He launched a relentless campaign to find her killer, using billboards as a tool for justice.Through his unwavering determination, he inspired a movement that transcended grief and brought hope to a grieving community.

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A Father’s Determination: Roger Kemp’s Quest for Justice

Roger Kemp, Ali’s father, was determined to seek justice for his daughter. He refused to let her tragic death go unanswered.After the killer remained at large for months, Roger took matters into his own hands.He launched a unique billboard campaign to generate leads and catch the culprit.

With unwavering resolve, Roger tirelessly pursued every avenue to bring Ali’s killer to justice.Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Roger’s determination never wavered.His relentless efforts ultimately led to the arrest of Benjamin Appleby, the man accused of taking Ali’s life. 

Roger’s quest for justice not only brought closure to his family but also inspired a movement to use billboards as tools for crime prevention. Through his actions, Roger showed that a father’s love knows no bounds, and his commitment to seeking justice serves as a beacon of hope for communities everywhere.

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Unconventional Methods: The Billboard Campaign

To catch Ali’s killer, Roger Kemp tried something different.He used billboards to spread the word.These billboards asked for help in finding the murderer.Many people saw them and wanted to help.The campaign brought attention to Ali’s case. 

Benjamin Appleby

It sparked hope in the community.Eventually, the billboards led to a breakthrough.The killer was found and brought to justice. Kemp’s unconventional method showed that sometimes, thinking outside the box can make a big difference in solving crimes.

Breakthrough in the Case: The Arrest of Benjamin Appleby

The arrest of Benjamin Appleby was a pivotal moment in the case of Ali Kemp’s tragic death. After years of uncertainty authorities were able to apprehend the suspected perpetrator.This breakthrough brought a sense of relief and closure to Ali’s grieving family and the community at large.

Benjamin Appleby’s capture was the result of relentless determination and collaborative efforts by law enforcement and the community. It underscored the importance of perseverance and never giving up on seeking justice for victims of crime.With Appleby’s arrest, there is hope for accountability and closure for Ali’s loved ones.

As the legal proceedings against Benjamin Appleby unfold, the arrest represents a crucial step towards achieving justice for Ali Kemp.While the journey towards healing may continue, the arrest marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of truth and closure for all those impacted by Ali’s untimely passing.


The Trial Unfolds: Seeking Justice for Ali

As the trial began, the community held its breath.The courtroom buzzed with anticipation. Evidence was presented, and witnesses testified.The accused, Benjamin Appleby maintained his innocence. Despite his chilling confession, the trial continued.Ali’s family sought closure and justice.

They hoped for a verdict that would bring them peace.The trial unfolded as a testament to Ali’s memory and the unwavering pursuit of truth.

Beyond Justice: Kemp’s Ongoing Advocacy

Beyond seeking justice for his daughter, Roger Kemp’s advocacy has extended to empowering communities and preventing future tragedies.Through innovative initiatives like self-defense courses, Kemp aims to equip individuals with the skills to protect themselves. His commitment to making a positive impact has resonated far beyond his own personal tragedy.

Kemp’s efforts have not only inspired local communities but have also led to widespread adoption of his advocacy programs.By sharing his story and championing initiatives to enhance safety, Kemp has become a beacon of hope and resilience.His dedication to turning grief into action serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love and determination.

As Kemp continues his advocacy work, his impact reverberates across communities, sparking conversations about safety and resilience.Through his ongoing efforts, he honors his daughter’s memory while also striving to create a safer world for future generations.Kemp’s journey is a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Empower Communities: Self-Defense Initiatives

Self defense became Roger Kemp’s mission.He knew the importance of empowering others. Kemp launched self defense initiatives to prevent tragedies like Ali’s.Through these programs, people learned to protect themselves. 

 Benjamin Appleby

Kemp’s efforts spread awareness and equipped individuals with vital skills.Over 2,000 people attended the courses.Kemp’s commitment to preventing future tragedies was unwavering. He turned grief into action, ensuring that others could defend themselves and stay safe.


Where is Benjamin Appleby now?

Benjamin Appleby’s current whereabouts are undisclosed or not publicly available.

Who is Roger Kemp’s missing daughter?

Roger Kemp’s missing daughter is Ali Kemp.

Who is the father of Ali Kemp?

Ali Kemp’s father is Roger Kemp.

Final Thought

Ali Kemp’s story is one of tragedy, resilience, and determination.Her father, Roger Kemp turned unimaginable grief into a beacon of hope, tirelessly seeking justice for his daughter.

Through innovative initiatives and unwavering commitment, he inspired communities to unite in the pursuit of truth and safety.Ali’s legacy lives on as a testament to the enduring power of love and the relentless pursuit of justice in the face of adversity.

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