The 10 most brutal cases of the star lawyer from Miskolc

Brutal cases dot the landscape of Hungarian legal history, each one leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of society.At the center of many of these harrowing tales stands Dr. József Lichy, a stalwart defender of justice with a career spanning three decades. 

From his roots in Miskolc to his rise as a leading legal mind in Hungary, Dr. Lichy’s name has become synonymous with resilience and resolve in the face of darkness.Join us as we unravel the ten most memorable cases that epitomize Dr. Lichy’s unwavering dedication to upholding the law and seeking justice for the victims.

The Moor Massacre

The Moor Massacre was a terrible crime in Hungary.It happened during a bank robbery in Móri. Two robbers went into the bank with guns.They killed eight people, including bank employees and a security guard.The robbers did not even get much money, but they left behind a trail of tragedy. One of the robbers was sentenced to life in prison, while the other took his own life before the trial.

The Móri Massacre shook the community to its core.Families were torn apart and the scars of that day would last a lifetime.Despite the horror, the pursuit of justice continued, with legal proceedings shining a light on the darkness that had descended upon Móri.

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The robbery murder of the money carrier in Tokaj

In Tokaj, a robbery turned deadly when a money carrier was attacked.It happened in March 2007.The driver was ambushed on a dirt road and the security guard was strangled and stabbed. The criminals fled with a large sum of money.They hid for a while but were eventually caught.It was a tragic event that shook the community.The robbery murder shocked Tokaj residents.

brutal cases

 It happened during a routine money transport.The attackers showed no mercy, causing harm to the security guard.Despite efforts to evade capture, justice prevailed, and the perpetrators faced consequences for their actions.

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The machete murder

He attacked his ex lover and her new partner with a machete in broad daylight.The man struck the victims multiple times, causing fatal injuries.The woman died on the way to the hospital and her boyfriend succumbed to his injuries shortly afterward.

László F. László, who had no previous criminal record, was swiftly captured by law enforcement. He received a life sentence for the murders.The court’s decision left the community in shock, but it also highlighted the importance of justice in deterring such heinous acts.

The double murder in Siksó

In Siksó, there was a terrible crime.An 83 year old uncle and a 79 year old aunt were killed. They were murdered brutally.Their bodies were found tied to chairs.The killer beat them until they died.It was a shocking and tragic event.

The culprits were not found for many years.But finally, justice caught up.Sándor Sz., accused of the double murder, was sentenced to life in prison.The court found that there was another person involved too.The victims’ family sought solace in the legal proceedings, hoping for closure after years of anguish.

The murderous masseuse from Miskolc

In Miskolc, a woman named Márta K. became known as the murderer masseuse.She got into a fight with her 86 year old neighbor over an advertising board.Sadly, things took a terrible turn. Márta K. ended up beating her neighbor and then strangling her with a cord.It was a shocking crime that shook the community.

Márta K. was sentenced to 16 years in prison for her actions.Even though she got a punishment, she still claims she didn’t kill the woman.Dr. József Lichy defended her in court, trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy.

The 2013 Soroksár murder

In 2013, tragedy struck in Soroksár with a chilling murder.Gyurik Krisztina Kardosné, a mother, went for a run but never returned home.Her family’s search ended in horror when her body was discovered near their house.

For five long years, the killer eluded capture, leaving a community in anguish.Finally, in 2018, a breakthrough came when DNA evidence linked R.Szilveszter, who was already in prison, to the crime scene.

Despite his initial denial, Szilveszter eventually confessed. In 2022, justice was served as he received a life sentence, offering some closure to Krisztina’s grieving loved ones.

The cuckoo killer

The story of the cuckoo killer is sad.A young man named K. Bálin was killed by M. Vivien.They were once friends.But M. Vivien loved K. Bálin and he did not love her back.One day, she asked him for a ride home from a party. 

 brutal cases

But instead of taking her home, he killed her with a knife.It is a tragic tale of unrequited love turning into a deadly obsession.The court gave K. Bálin a life sentence. 

But later his parents hired a new lawyer, Dr. József Lichy.He argued that K. Bálin did not plan to kill her.The court reduced the sentence to 18 years.It is a reminder of how love and obsession can lead to tragic consequences.

VV’s Fanni case

In the VV’s Fanni case, a young woman named Fanni Novozánszky vanished without a trace from her own apartment.Cameras showed her being carried out by László B., sparking a desperate search for answers.Despite extensive investigations, Fanni’s fate remains a mystery, leaving her loved ones in anguish.

László B. was sentenced to life imprisonment, despite Fanni’s body never being found.Dr. József Lichy represented the Novozánszky family throughout the trial, offering them support and guidance in their quest for justice and closure.

The Borsodnádasd murder

In the Borsodnádasd murder, tragedy struck when Roland B., just 24 years old, attended a gathering near a local lake.After drinking and smoking, he lured his girlfriend Csenge into the forest.There, he committed a heinous act of violence, assaulting her multiple times before leaving her unconscious body in a water well, where she tragically drowned. Roland’s actions shocked the community, leading to his capture and subsequent trial.

Ultimately, in September 2020, the Debrecen Jury sentenced Roland to 18 years in prison and banned him from public affairs for a decade.Throughout the trial, Dr. József Lichy represented Csenge’s grieving family, seeking justice for the young victim and closure for her loved ones.

The case of the Chinese man cheering on the Covid ward

In March 2021, a 38 year-old man caused a shocking scene in the Covid ward.He attacked a fellow patient in a coma with scissors, stabbing her multiple times.Despite the brutal crime, he avoided prison due to mental health issues.

Experts found that the man suffered from a split consciousness disorder, leading to moments of extreme violence.Although he could not recall the incident, his actions resulted in a life sentence.Dr. József Lichy represented the victim’s family throughout the trial, seeking justice in the face of tragedy.

The case of the boy from Miskolc who planned a school shooting

In Miskolc, a 17 year old boy made a chilling plan.He wanted to bring a gun to his school and hurt people.But before he could act, Interpol stepped in.They caught him at home.Now, he faces serious charges for planning a crime.

 brutal cases

This case shook the community.People wondered why a young boy would plan something so terrible.Dr. József Lichy took on the boy’s case.He is known for defending people in tough situations.Now, he is working to help the boy navigate the legal system and understand the consequences of his actions.


Who is representing the boy in the legal proceedings?

Dr. József Lichy, a well known defense attorney, is representing the boy in court.

What are the consequences the boy is facing for his actions?

The boy is facing serious charges for planning a crime, and he must navigate the legal system with the help of his lawyer.

How did the community react to this case?

A: The case caused shock and concern in the community, as people wondered why a young boy would plan such a terrible act.

Final Thought

The case of the boy from Miskolc who planned a school shooting serves as a stark reminder of the importance of early intervention and legal representation.Thanks to the swift action of authorities and the guidance of Dr. József Lichy, the boy is now navigating the legal process. 

As the community reflects on this unsettling event, it underscores the need for support and understanding for troubled youth.Moving forward, it is crucial to address underlying issues and provide resources to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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