Delhivery Tracking

Delhivery is India’s leading logistics and transportation powerhouse.Since its establishment in 2011.It has rapidly evolved into a trusted name.Which offers cutting edge courier services that cater to the diverse needs of customers across the nation.

Tracking your shipments becomes a breeze with Delhivery, as the company provides various user-friendly methods. Whether you prefer tracking via mobile number, tracking ID, order ID, and  through the unique LTL Shipment (LRN) method, it ensures you stay informed about your package’s journey.

 With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a broad range of services, it has become the go-to solution for individuals, businesses and e-commerce ventures, bridging gaps and connecting people across the vast landscape of India.

HowToDelhivery Courier

Tracking your Delhivery courier is a breeze. With multiple tracking options available, including mobile number, tracking ID, order ID, and LTL Shipment (LRN) method, staying updated on your package’s status is effortless. 

Just visit its official website, enter the necessary details and receive real time updates on your courier’s whereabouts.Its streamlined tracking system ensures you can monitor your package’s journey from dispatch to delivery with ease and peace of mind.

4 Methods To Track Your Delhivery Courier Order/Parcel


Easily track your Delhivery courier order using four methods: mobile number, tracking ID, order ID/ref number and the LTL Shipment (LRN) method.Stay informed about your parcel’s location and delivery status effortlessly.

Track via Mobile Number

To track your Delhivery courier using your mobile number, simply visit the company’s official website and navigate to the tracking section.Enter your mobile number, receive an OTP code for verification,and instantly access detailed information about your parcel’s status and expected delivery.

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Track via Tracking ID

Tracking your Delhivery shipment via tracking ID is straightforward.Visit the Delhivery website, locate the tracking section and choose the tracking ID option.Enter your unique tracking number provided by Delhivery during booking, and gain access to comprehensive details about your package’s journey, including current location and estimated delivery time.

Track via Order ID/Ref Number


You have made a purchase through an e-commerce platform and need to track your order with it. You can do so using the Order ID or Reference Number method. Once you log into your account on its website, select the Order ID option from the menu.Then simply enter your unique Order ID and hit the track button.This enables you to monitor the progress of your order, including expected delivery times ensuring a smooth and reliable shopping experience.

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Track via LTL Shipment (LRN)

It offers a convenient way to track your shipments.Whether single or multiple, through the LTL (Less Than Truckload) Shipment method.By entering the LRN (Local Reference Number) of your shipment on its official website you gain access to real-time information regarding the whereabouts and status of your shipments.This method not only provides transparency.But also allows you to stay informed about any delays or changes in delivery schedules, ensuring efficient logistics management.

4 Methods to Check Your Delhivery Tracking Courier/Parcel Online

Check Via Website

To track your shipment through Delhivery’s website, simply navigate to their online platform and locate the tracking feature.Once there, enter your tracking number or other relevant details to receive real time updates on your package’s status.

Check Via SMS or WhatsApp Number

Alternatively you can opt to receive updates on your shipment status through SMS and WhatsApp.Simply send a message containing your tracking number to Delhivery’s designated SMS or WhatsApp number and you shall promptly receive the latest information on your package’s whereabouts.

Check Via Email

To track your shipment via email with Delhivery, compose a message with the subject “Track My Order” and include your tracking ID number. Send this email to  and you shall receive a prompt response containing detailed information about your order status.

Check Via Mobile Phone

Tracking your shipment with Delhivery using your mobile phone is simple.Just dial +91 (124) 6719500 and follow the prompts provided by the customer care representative.Provide your tracking number, order ID when prompted and you shall receive immediate updates on your shipment status over the phone.

Customer Care


Delhivery places utmost importance on customer satisfaction through its comprehensive customer care services.With a dedicated team of representatives,it ensures that customers receive prompt assistance and support for any inquiries or issues they may encounter.Whether it is tracking a shipment, resolving concerns and  providing guidance, its customer care team strives to deliver exceptional service, fostering trust and loyalty among its clientele.

National Customer Care

Delhivery’s national customer care team offers prompt assistance via phone, email, and online channels across India. With a focus on seamless support, they address tracking queries and resolve concerns efficiently, ensuring a smooth shipping experience.

International Customer Care

Fluent in multiple languages, Delhivery’s international customer care team assists customers worldwide.They provide personalized support for cross border shipments, aiding in navigating international logistics and facilitating global business expansion.

List of Head Offices in India

Delhivery operates from multiple head offices across India, ensuring efficient management and coordination of its logistics operations.With headquarters located in strategic cities like Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura,it maintains a strong presence nationwide ,enabling effective oversight and support for its expansive network of delivery services.

Delhivery Tracking Number Format

Delhivery employs a specific tracking number format to monitor and trace shipments effectively. Typically, Delhivery tracking numbers consist of 12 digits without any special characters. While occasional variations with 13 or 15 digits may occur the standard format ensures consistency and accuracy in tracking shipments throughout the delivery process.

List of Delhivery Courier Charges

DestinationWeightPrice (INR)
Same City0 to 500 Grams30
Same City501g to 1000 Grams50
Same City1KG to 2KG80
Metro City0 to 500 Grams40
Metro City501g to 1KG60
Metro City1KG to 2KG120
2-tier and 3-tier city0 to 500 Grams50
2-tier and 3-tier city501g to 1KG75
2-tier and 3-tier city1KG to 2KG140

CEO/Owner Of Delivery Company

Sahil Barua the co-founder and CEO of Delhivery, guides the company with expertise and vision.With a degree in Mechanical Engineering Sahil brings valuable insights to the logistics industry.His leadership has propelled Delhivery’s growth and prominence in the market.


As CEO, Sahil Barua has led Delhivery through significant expansion and funding rounds.His strategic investments and leadership have been instrumental in its success.Sahil’s commitment to innovation continues to drive Delhivery’s evolution and impact in the logistics sector.

International Logistics

Delhivery excels in international logistics offering cost effective digital solutions for global shipping needs.With partnerships spanning over 250 countries, it serves a diverse customer base, including e-commerce platforms and organizations.Leveraging cutting edge technology, Delhivery ensures efficient and reliable international shipping services, facilitating seamless global trade.

Delhivery Tracking Aftership

Delhivery collaborates with Aftership to provide customers with real time tracking updates through a user-friendly platform.With Aftership, customers can conveniently track multiple orders from various carriers in one place. By entering their tracking numbers on the Aftership dashboard, customers gain insights into the status and location of their shipments.Which enhances transparency and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

Delhivery Order Complaint/Helpline

you encounter any issues with your Delhivery order, you can easily register a complaint using the complaint form available on their website.Before filing a complaint, it’s advisable to check the website for possible solutions to your problem.Its dedicated helpline ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly, offering assistance and solutions to ensure a satisfactory resolution to your issue.

Delhivery Head Office

Delhivery’s headquarters is located in Delhi NCR, specifically at Plot 5, Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana.As the central hub of operations, the head office oversees the company’s strategic initiatives and coordinates various functions, including logistics, customer service and business development.With its strategic location, the head office serves as the nerve center of Delhivery’s operations, driving innovation and excellence in the logistics industry.

Branches List In India

Delhivery operates branches across India, including Sikkim, Tamil Nadu and other states. Strategically located, these branches facilitate efficient logistics operations from parcel pickups to last mile deliveries.With a widespread network, it ensures comprehensive coverage to meet diverse customer needs nationwide.

Delhivery Services

It offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse shipping needs.From surface and air tracking to express and prepaid shipments, it ensures reliable delivery of parcels and documents.With options like cash on delivery and pickup services,it simplifies the shipping process for both businesses and individuals.


Moreover,it provides consignment and docket tracking services, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the delivery process.With a commitment to quality and efficiency, It continues to be a trusted logistics partner for customers across India.

Delhivery Tracking App (Get Download For APK, iOS)

Delhivery offers a user-friendly tracking app available for both Android (APK) and iOS devices. With this app users can conveniently monitor the status of their shipments in real time.Simply download the Delhivery Tracking App from the Google Play Store and  Apple App Store, enter your tracking details, and stay updated on the go.

Delhivery Tracking API

For businesses and e-commerce platforms,it provides a robust Tracking API. This API allows integration with websites and applications, enabling seamless tracking of shipments directly from the platform.By incorporating Delhivery’s Tracking API, businesses can enhance customer experience by providing accurate and timely shipment updates, fostering trust and loyalty.

Return Courier Policy

Its return policy allows customers to request returns for damaged or incorrect shipments. By contacting customer service and  filling out a complaint form, customers can initiate the return process swiftly.Delhivery ensures a hassle free experience.Which prioritizes customer satisfaction in every transaction.

About Delhivery Company

It was established in 2011.It  has swiftly emerged as a prominent logistics and courier service provider in India.Founded by Mohit Tandon, Bhavesh Manglani, Suraj Saharan, and Kapil Bharati, Delhivery initially focused on hyperlocal express delivery services before transitioning to e-commerce logistics.


Delhivery offers a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions.Which include transportation, warehousing, freight and order fulfillment.With a commitment to leveraging cutting edge technologies and enhancing customer service,it continues to revolutionize the logistics industry, catering to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals across the country.

Delhivery Franchise

Delhivery offers franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the logistics sector.As a Delhivery franchisee, individuals receive comprehensive support from the company.Which including equipment and operational guidance.This enables franchisees to establish their delivery services in their preferred locations, tapping into Delhivery’s established network and reputation.

Delhivery Careers

It presents diverse career opportunities for both experienced professionals and newcomers in the logistics industry.With positions ranging from courier boys and delivery personnel to software engineers and customer care representatives, it fosters a dynamic and inclusive work environment. 

Interested candidates can apply by submitting their resumes to and become part of Delhivery’s dedicated team committed to delivering excellence in logistics services.

Delhivery Jobs – How to Apply

Applying for a job at Delhivery is simple and straightforward.Interested candidates can explore available positions on its official website or job portals Once you find a suitable role, submit your application by sending your resume to Delhivery’s recruitment team will review your application and contact you if your qualifications match their requirements,Which offers you the opportunity to contribute to its dynamic workforce.

Office Timing (Working Hours)

Delhivery operates around the clock to ensure seamless logistics services for its customers. The office timings vary depending on the nature of the role and operational requirements.With shifts spanning 24 hours a day, seven days a week,it accommodates diverse schedules to meet the demands of the logistics industry.Whether you are working in operations, customer service, or administration,it offers flexible working hours to suit different lifestyles and preferences.

Delivery Time

Delhivery strives to provide efficient and timely delivery services to its customers.The delivery time varies based on factors such as distance and shipping method selected. deliveries within shorter distances may take 2-4 days.

While special delivery services ensure packages reach their destination within hours.Delhivery prioritizes prompt and reliable delivery to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

Box Sizes Ratio

It offers a variety of box sizes to accommodate different types of shipments. From small parcels to larger items, it ensures there’s an appropriate box size for every shipment.Each box is meticulously prepared and tested to maintain quality and durability. 

With a wide selection of box sizes available, customers can choose the most suitable packaging option for their items, ensuring safe and secure delivery.

Delhivery Mission

At Delhivery the mission is to provide high-quality shipping and transportation services at affordable prices.The company aims to empower e-commerce clients to expand their businesses globally by facilitating seamless logistics solutions. 

Delhivery is committed to enhancing its infrastructure and customer service to meet the evolving expectations of its clients.Through the use of cutting-edge technology and engineering solutions,it endeavors to revolutionize the logistics industry and deliver excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Final Thought

Delhivery stands as a leader in India’s logistics industry, offering reliable shipping solutions with innovative tracking features.With its commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability, Delhivery has transformed the delivery experience for individuals and businesses alike.By prioritizing efficiency and quality service, Delhivery continues to redefine the standards of logistics nationwide.With it customers can expect seamless shipping experiences and timely delivery of their packages.

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