Why Do I Have A NYX UNATTENDED.FR Direct Debit On My Bank Statement?

NYX UNATTENDED.FR Direct Debit.It is a phrase that might make you raise an eyebrow when you spot it on your bank statement.But fret not, because we are about to shed some light on what exactly this enigmatic entry means.Let’s delve into the details and demystify this financial puzzle together.

This puzzling charge can raise eyebrows and leave you wondering where it came from.But fear not, let’s unravel this mystery together.Whether it is a simple mistake and something more, understanding the origins of this charge is key.

It is a payment processor often seen on bank statements.It is not directly linked to the NYX cosmetics brand.Instead, it is associated with transactions made at unattended payment terminals or machines.These terminals are commonly found in places like vending machines or self-service checkouts.

The origin of the NYX UNATTENDED.FR direct debit on my bank statement

The NYX UNATTENDED.FR direct debit on your bank statement might seem perplexing at first. It is typically not related to purchases from the NYX cosmetics brand.Instead, it originates from transactions made at unattended payment terminals and machines.

These terminals, found in various locations like vending machines or self service kiosks, use the NYX payment processor for transactions.So, if you find this charge on your statement, it is likely the result of a payment made at one of these automated machines, rather than a direct purchase from NYX.

NYX Payment Processor: What is it?

The NYX Payment Processor is like the conductor behind the scenes of your transactions.It is a vital component of unattended machines, handling payments seamlessly.Similar to other giants like Stripe or PayPal, NYX ensures your card swipes go off without a hitch.


Based in France, NYX is part of the Ingenico Group, a global leader in payment solutions.It offers services ranging from processing credit and debit cards to preventing fraud.It provides invaluable data analysis to merchants, helping them make informed decisions.

Payment processing

NYX specializes in handling payments, making transactions smooth and secure.They accept various forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, as well as mobile and contactless payments.With NYX, merchants can ensure that their customers have convenient and hassle free payment options.

Fraud prevention

NYX is committed to safeguarding merchants against fraudulent transactions.They provide tools and technologies such as 3-D Secure and tokenization to protect against unauthorized activities.By implementing these measures, NYX helps merchants minimize risks and maintain trust with their customers.

In France:

In France, NYX serves a wide range of brands and merchants, including popular retailers like Carrefour, Auchan, Monoprix and Casino.These major players in the French retail landscape rely on NYX for smooth and secure payment processing services.

With NYX behind the scenes, customers can confidently use their credit and debit cards at these establishments, knowing their transactions are in good hands.

Outside France

Beyond the borders of France, NYX extends its reach to a global network of merchants and brands. Partnering with companies like Ingenico, Cirrus and PLUS, NYX ensures seamless payment experiences for customers worldwide. 

From bustling cities to remote corners of the globe, NYX facilitates transactions at various unattended terminals and machines, making shopping more convenient for everyone.

The main activities developed by NYX are:

The main activities developed by NYX include payment processing and fraud prevention.They specialize in accepting credit and debit card payments, as well as supporting other forms of payment like mobile and contactless transactions. 


NYX offers tools for merchants to prevent fraudulent transactions, such as 3-D Secure and tokenization.NYX provides data reporting and analysis services to help merchants track sales and market trends. 

This information allows businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. Overall, NYX plays a crucial role in facilitating secure and efficient transactions for both merchants and consumers.

How to contact NYX Solutions?

If you need to get in touch with NYX Solutions, there are a few simple ways to do so.One option is to send a complaint letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to their headquarters. 

This ensures your message reaches the right people securely.You can explore online avenues for contacting NYX, such as their official website or customer service email.Another approach is to reach out via phone.

Look up the contact number for NYX Solutions and give them a call to discuss your concerns directly. Whether it is about unauthorized charges or general inquiries, they’re there to assist you.By taking these steps, you can connect with NYX Solutions efficiently and address any issues with confidence.


  • Helps clarify confusing charges on bank statements.
  • Provides a direct line of communication for dispute resolution.
  • Allows customers to report unauthorized transactions promptly.
  • Facilitates the process of stopping future unauthorized charges.
  • Offers a platform for customers to file complaints and track their progress.


What is a NYX transaction on a bank statement?

A NYX transaction on a bank statement signifies a payment processed by the NYX payment processor at unmanned terminals, distinct from the cosmetics brand.

What do the abbreviations on my bank statement mean?

The abbreviations on your bank statement signify different transactions or entities.

What is nya * on a bank statement?

Nya * on a bank statement typically indicates a pending transaction or placeholder for an incomplete description.

What is an FPI payment?

An FPI payment refers to a Foreign Portfolio Investment transaction.

Final Thought

NYX UNATTENDED.FR Direct Debit offers a convenient payment method for customers.It simplifies the billing process and ensures timely payments.By opting for direct debit, customers can enjoy hassle free transactions and peace of mind.With NYX UNATTENDED.FR Direct Debit, managing finances becomes easier and more efficient.

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