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In a recent ruling, an appellate court upheld the conviction of Liam McAtasney in the Sarah Stern murder case, bringing closure to a harrowing chapter in Monmouth County’s history. McAtasney, a Neptune City resident, was sentenced to life in prison for the chilling murder of his childhood friend, Sarah Stern, whose body was never found.

The court’s decision affirmed the prosecution’s case, which relied heavily on McAtasney’s own incriminating words captured on a secretly taped video.This ruling concludes a high profile trial that captured widespread attention and delivers a measure of justice to Stern’s grieving family and the community at large.

Who is Sarah Stern?

Sarah Stern, a budding artist from Neptune City, tragically became the victim of a heinous crime that shook Monmouth County.In December 2016, she vanished without a trace, setting off extensive searches.The mystery deepened until January 2017 when details emerged of a sinister plot by her former high school classmates, Liam McAtasney and Preston Taylor

The chilling plan involved robbing Sarah of her newfound wealth, ultimately leading to her untimely death.Despite the absence of her body, the prosecution successfully pieced together the events, securing convictions that now stand as a somber reminder of a life cut short by senseless violence.

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Sarah Stern Father

sarah stern

Sarah Stern’s father, Michael Stern, expressed a mix of relief and lingering grief upon learning of the recent appellate court ruling.After three years of waiting, the decision brought a degree of closure for him. Michael Stern’s sorrow was palpable as he reflected on the tragedy that befell his daughter, lamenting that justice, in his eyes, fell short of what he deemed appropriate for Liam McAtasney, Sarah’s killer.Despite the pain, he remains a poignant figure, a grieving father who sought justice for his daughter’s senseless and tragic death.

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How Sarah Stern Body Found?

Sarah Stern’s body was never found, adding to the mystery surrounding her disappearance. Despite extensive marine and land searches, no trace of her was discovered after she vanished on December 2, 2016.Her car, found unoccupied atop the Route 35 bridge between Belmar and Neptune, hinted at a grim fate.But her whereabouts remained unknown for weeks and months thereafter.

It was not until January that a former Neptune High School classmate of Liam McAtasney, Anthony Curry, came forward with crucial information.Curry revealed details of a conversation where McAtasney confessed to choking Stern to death and disposing of her body off the bridge.This revelation led to the discovery of McAtasney’s involvement in the heinous crime, but despite efforts, Sarah Stern’s body has yet to be recovered and leaving her loved ones with unanswered questions and unresolved grief.

Why did Liam Mcatasney kill Sarah Stern?

Liam McAtasney killed Sarah Stern because of greed and betrayal.He hatched a sinister plan to rob her of a large sum of money she had recently discovered.McAtasney’s twisted scheme involved choking Sarah to death and disposing of her body off a bridge, all for a mere $10,000.

Sarah Stern

Driven by his desire for easy wealth, McAtasney callously ended the life of his childhood friend. His actions showcased a profound lack of empathy and morality.The tragic motive behind Sarah Stern’s murder serves as a sobering reminder of the depths of human depravity and the devastating consequences of greed and betrayal.

How Did Liam Mcatasney Get Caught?

Liam McAtasney’s downfall began when a former high school classmate, Anthony Curry, stepped forward in January.Curry Is a horror filmmaker, disclosed details of a disturbing conversation he had with McAtasney on Thanksgiving.In this discussion, McAtasney revealed his sinister plan to choke Sarah Stern to death, rob her of a significant sum of money and dispose of her body off a bridge.

This revelation prompted investigators to collaborate with Curry. In a carefully orchestrated operation, Curry recorded a conversation with McAtasney, during which the latter discussed Stern’s murder in gruesome detail.The video, presented as evidence during the trial, played a pivotal role in McAtasney’s arrest.This covert operation exposed the heinous plot, ensuring that justice was served for Sarah Stern and leading to the conviction and life sentence of her remorseless killer.

Who are Parents of Liam Mcatasney

The parents of Liam McAtasney, the individual at the center of the Sarah Stern murder case.They are not prominently featured in the available information.While details about them remain relatively undisclosed, the focus of public attention has primarily centered on McAtasney’s actions and the legal proceedings surrounding the tragic case.The story unfolds as a stark reminder of the profound impact that individuals’ choices can have on their families and communities.

Who is Preston Taylor?

Sarah Stern

Preston Taylor, Liam McAtasney’s former roommate, played a key role in the murder of Sarah Stern. Involved in the conspiracy,Taylor cooperated with authorities, leading to convictions for both him and McAtasney.Taylor received an 18 year prison sentence for his part in the tragic events that unfolded in Monmouth County.

Facts about Sarah Stern Murder

  • Sarah Stern, a young woman from Neptune City, was tragically murdered.
  • Liam McAtasney, her childhood friend, was convicted of her murder.
  • The murder involved a robbery scheme that netted $10,000.
  • Preston Taylor, McAtasney’s former roommate, was also involved in the crime.
  • Sarah’s body was never found despite extensive searches.
  • The case garnered significant media attention in Monmouth County.
  • McAtasney’s conviction was upheld by an appellate court.
  • The murder case highlighted the importance of justice and closure for the victim’s family and community.


What did Liam McAtasney do to Sarah Stern?

Liam McAtasney murdered Sarah Stern by strangling her and disposing of her body off a bridge.

How many years did Liam McAtasney get?

Liam McAtasney received a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Who is Preston Taylor?

Preston Taylor is Liam McAtasney’s former roommate and accomplice in the murder of Sarah Stern.

Who are the parents of Preston Taylor?

The parents of Preston Taylor are not mentioned in the provided text.

Final Thought

The Sarah Stern murder case marks a crucial step towards justice, affirming Liam McAtasney’s conviction and providing a semblance of closure for her grieving family and the community.This tragic tale, involving betrayal and brutality, sheds light on the resilience of those left behind and the determined pursuit of truth by law enforcement.As Monmouth County heals, Sarah’s memory stands as a poignant reminder of the need for compassion, solidarity and the unwavering commitment to ensure that such senseless acts do not go unanswered.

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