How To Enable Comments In A Telegram Channel

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How to activate comments on a Telegram channel

Telegram channel
  • Utilize the “Discussion” feature within the Telegram channel settings.
  •  Employ the CommentBot to facilitate comment functionality.
  •  Engage a discussion bot specifically designed for activating comments.
  •  Link a Telegram group to the channel to enable comments under every post.
  •  Ensure the Telegram app is updated before attempting to activate comments.
  •  Navigate to the channel profile and access the Discussions section.
  •  Select an existing group or create a new one for channel comments.
  •  Confirm the link between the group and the channel to enable commenting.
  •  Utilize CommentsBot by initiating the bot and sending the desired content.
  •  Publish the post along with the comment section on the channel.
  •  Monitor comments by accessing the channel and reviewing the “Comments” section.
  •  Alternatively use DiscountBot to activate comments by adding it as a subscriber.
  •  Grant necessary permissions to the discussion bot to administer the channel.
  •  Keep in mind important notes such as the ability to chat in the comments section and the impact of blocking users.

Use the Discussion feature to enable comments on Telegram channels.

Telegram Channel
  • Access your Telegram channel profile and locate the Discussion feature.
  • Update your Telegram app to the latest version for seamless functionality.
  • Tap “Edit” (for iPhone) and the pencil icon (for Android) to access channel settings.
  • Navigate to the Discussions section within your channel profile.
  • Link an existing Telegram group to your channel or create a new one for comments.
  • Confirm the group selection by clicking “Link Group.”
  • Once linked every post you publish on your channel will include a comment section.
  • Users can easily leave comments under your posts fostering engagement and interaction.
  • The Discussion feature promotes a sense of community within your Telegram channel.
  • Enable comments effortlessly and encourage active participation among your channel members.
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Use CommentsBot to activate comments on your Telegram channel

 Telegram channel
  • Search for CommentsBot: Begin by typing “@CommentsBot” in the Telegram search bar to locate and open the bot.
  • Initiate with Start Command: Click on the “Start” command within the CommentsBot interface to kickstart the commenting process.
  • Send Content to the Bot: Share the text or photo you wish to post along with the comment section directly with the CommentsBot.
  • Confirmation Message: Once you’ve sent your content the bot will respond with a confirmation message, acknowledging the successful receipt of your post.
  • Publish Post: Click on the “Publish” option provided by CommentsBot to post your content on your Telegram channel with the comment section activated.
  • View Comments: After posting, you can easily check the comments left on your channel posts by navigating to the specific post and clicking on the “Comments” section.
  • Streamlined Process: Utilizing CommentsBot streamlines the activation of comments, making it a user-friendly option for channel administrators.
  • Accessible Interface: The bot’s interface is designed for simplicity, ensuring that users can easily navigate and interact with the CommentsBot.
  • Enhanced Engagement: CommentsBot facilitates direct engagement with your audience by allowing them to leave comments directly on your channel’s posts.
  • Versatile Commenting Options: Whether it is text or image-based content, CommentsBot accommodates various types of posts with comment sections.
  • Efficient and Time Saving: The use of CommentsBot adds efficiency to the process, saving time for channel administrators and fostering a dynamic channel environment.

Use DiscountBot to activate comments on your Telegram channel

 Telegram channel
  • Find “@DiscountBot” in the Telegram search bar and open the bot.
  • Initiate the bot by clicking on the “start” command.
  • Access your channel profile and navigate to “Subscribers.”
  • Add the discussion bot to your channel as a subscriber.
  • Grant the bot permission to become a channel administrator by promoting it.
  • Once activated the DiscountBot facilitates the commenting feature seamlessly within your Telegram channel.
  • Users can engage in discussions, leave comments, and interact directly with the content posted on your channel.
  • Utilizing DiscountBot simplifies the process of enabling comments, enhancing user engagement and interaction within your channel community.

Important notes on activating comments in Telegram channels

Telegram channel

Subscription Requirement: To view comments when a post is forwarded, recipients must subscribe to the channel, ensuring privacy and controlled access to discussions.

Blocking Consequences: Users blocked by channel administrators lose comment privileges and face expulsion from the channel, with no option for re-entry, maintaining channel integrity.

Interactive Environment: Telegram’s comment section fosters interactive discussions akin to group chats, enabling users to engage in conversations and reply to messages seamlessly.

Privacy Measures: Telegram’s design allows users to comment and forward messages easily while ensuring that comments are only visible to subscribed users, enhancing privacy and security.

Community Engagement: The comments feature encourages community engagement, facilitating dialogue, feedback and interaction among channel members, fostering a sense of belonging and participation.


How to activate comments in the Telegram group?

To activate comments in the Telegram group and utilize the Discussion feature or relevant bots.

How can I enable subscribers to comment on Telegram channels?

Activate Telegram channel comments for subscribers using the Discussion feature, CommentsBot and a discussion bot in your channel settings.

How to add notes in the Telegram channel?

To add notes in a Telegram channel, use the “Discussion” feature or employ dedicated bots like CommentsBot or DiscountBot.

Final Thought

Enabling comments on your Telegram channel is a breeze. Whether using the built in “Discussion” feature or opting for user-friendly bots like CommentsBot and DiscountBot, fostering engagement and creating a dynamic community is just a few clicks away.So Update your app, choose the method that suits you best and let the conversations begin.

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