What is Blockaway.net? Free Web Proxy Usage Guide

Blockaway.net is your key to unlocking the full potential of the internet.BlockAway is here to revolutionize your browsing experience.With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, BlockAway empowers you to access blocked content while safeguarding your privacy. 

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a world of endless exploration.Welcome to Blockaway.net, where freedom meets convenience.Navigating the web should not be a hassle  that is why BlockAway offers a seamless solution to overcome online barriers. 

Whether you are a student, professional and simply someone who values privacy, it stands as your trusted companion in the digital realm.Join us as we embark on a journey of unrestricted access and secure browsing with BlockAway.net.

Understanding BlockAway: Your Key to Unrestricted Access

Understanding BlockAway is simple.It is like having a magic key for the internet.With BlockAway, you can visit any website you want, even if it is blocked.Your privacy stays safe.It is like having your own secret passage on the web.


BlockAway is easy to use. Just type in the website you want to visit and BlockAway takes care of the rest.No more hitting dead ends or feeling stuck.With BlockAway the internet is yours to explore freely.

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Why BlockAway Is Your Best Bet: A Proxy Browser Par Excellence

BlockAway is the top choice for browsing the internet.It is like having a supercharged browser that breaks down barriers.With BlockAway, you can access any website you want, no matter where you are.It is your ticket to unlimited browsing freedom.

BlockAway stands out because it is fast, reliable and keeps you safe online.Unlike other browsers, BlockAway is like your own personal bodyguard on the internet.It shields your identity and keeps your information private.So why settle for anything less? Choose BlockAway and experience browsing like never before.

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What Sets BlockAway Apart: Features That Define Excellence

BlockAway stands out with its exceptional features and ensuring unparalleled browsing experiences.With state of the art “Hide Me” technology, it is compatible with popular websites while concealing your IP address for privacy.


Enjoy unlimited video access, multiple EU proxy server options and shareable proxy links, all without the hassle of configuration. BlockAway’s commitment to excellence makes it your top choice for secure and unrestricted internet browsing.

Hide Me” Technology: Makes BlockAway compatible with popular websites.

IP Address Concealment: Keeps your online identity private and secure.

Unlimited Video Access: Say goodbye to restrictions on YouTube and other platforms.

Multiple EU Proxy Server Options: Enhances browsing experience with seamless connections.

Zero Configuration Requirements: No need to tweak browser or system settings.

Shareable Proxy Links:Spread the freedom by sharing links with friends.

Free Basic Version: Enjoy premium features without spending a dime.

BlockAway Across Devices and Operating Systems: Your Companion Everywhere

BlockAway is your reliable companion across all your devices and operating systems, ensuring seamless browsing experiences wherever you go.Whether you are seated at your desktop, lounging with your laptop and on the move with your mobile device, BlockAway stands ready to cater to your browsing needs.


Its versatility knows no bounds, effortlessly adapting to the device of your choice, making it feel like you have a steadfast ally by your side at all times.Gone are the days of worrying about compatibility issues.BlockAway works seamlessly on a multitude of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Whether you are navigating the digital landscape from the comfort of your home or embarking on an adventure on the go, it ensures that you have unfettered access to the websites you need, without the hassle of device restrictions.

So, whether you are tapping away on your laptop, swiping on your tablet and scrolling on your smartphone, BlockAway remains your trusted companion, ensuring that the internet is always within your reach.It is always beneficial for you.


What is BlockAway?

BlockAway is a free proxy tool that helps you access blocked websites while safeguarding your privacy.

How does BlockAway work?

BlockAway acts as an intermediary, routing your requests through a proxy server to access blocked sites.While keeping your identity anonymous.

Is BlockAway safe to use?

Yes, BlockAway prioritizes your safety by employing advanced technology to protect your IP address and online activity.

Does BlockAway support video streaming?

Absolutely! BlockAway allows unlimited access to videos on platforms like YouTube and social networks.

Do I need to configure my browser or system to use BlockAway?

No, BlockAway requires no configuration for browsers or operating systems, making it user friendly.

How many proxy servers does BlockAway have?

BlockAway offers multiple EU proxy server options for enhanced browsing experience.

Can I share a proxy link with friends?

Yes, BlockAway enables you to share proxy links, extending the freedom to others.

Can I use BlockAway on my mobile device?

 Absolutely! BlockAway is compatible with all mobile devices, ensuring freedom on the go.

Does BlockAway keep logs of my browsing activity?

 No, BlockAway values your privacy and does not retain any logs of your browsing activity.

Is BlockAway legal to use?

Yes, BlockAway is legal; however, users are responsible for complying with local laws and regulations.

Final Thought

BlockAway emerges as the ultimate solution for overcoming digital barriers and enjoying unrestricted access to the internet.Its user friendly interface, coupled with advanced technology, ensures seamless browsing experiences for users of all levels.With BlockAway, you can bid farewell to censorship and restrictions and embracing a world where the web is yours to explore without limitations.

Experience the freedom and security that BlockAway offers today.Whether you are a student, an employee and simply someone who values online privacy, BlockAway stands as your steadfast companion in the vast expanse of the digital realm.Embrace BlockAway and embark on a journey where the possibilities of online exploration are endless.

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