Tealive Malaysia Prices & Menu (Updated 2024)

Tealive Malaysia is a beloved tea franchise known for its diverse selection of flavorful beverages.From classic milk teas to trendy fruit-infused concoctions, there is something for every palate.With its inviting ambiance and convenient locations, Tealive has become a go-to destination for Malaysians seeking a refreshing tea experience.

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Tealive Menu 2024

In 2024, Tealive’s menu offers an array of delightful choices.From traditional milk teas to fruity blends, there is a drink for everyone.Customers can savor the taste of signature teas, indulge in creamy delights, or opt for healthier options like fruit teas and herbal infusions.With its diverse selection and customizable options, Tealive’s menu in 2024 caters to all tastes and preferences.

Tealive introduces exciting seasonal specials and limited-time offers to keep things fresh.These unique creations add a dash of excitement to the menu and enticing customers to try something new with each visit. Whether craving a comforting classic or eager to explore innovative flavors, Tealive’s menu in 2024 promises a satisfying tea experience for all.

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Tealive Popular Dishes

Tealive Popular Dishes

Tealive’s popular dishes feature a variety of refreshing and flavorful tea based beverages that have won the hearts of many.From classic milk teas with pearls to innovative fruit teas bursting with freshness, these crowd favorites never fail to satisfy cravings.With their rich flavors and satisfying textures,it’s popular dishes are a must-try for any tea enthusiast.

Tealive Malaysia Menu – Tearista’s Monthly Special:**

Tealive Malaysia’s menu includes Tearista’s Monthly Special, which offers exciting and unique drinks that change every month.These special creations are crafted by Tealive’s talented tearistas, blending premium ingredients to create delightful flavors that captivate the senses. From exotic fruit combinations to indulgent dessert-inspired drinks, Tearista’s Monthly Special adds a touch of excitement to Tealive’s menu .Which gives customers something new to look forward to with each visit.

Tealive Limited Time Offer Menu

Tealive Malaysia

Tealive’s Limited Time Offer menu features exclusive and seasonal beverages that are available for a limited duration.These special offerings showcase innovative flavors and creative combinations.Which provides customers with a chance to explore new tastes and indulge in unique tea experiences. Whether it is celebrating a holiday or embracing the flavors of the season, Tealive’s Limited Time Offer menu adds a dash of excitement and adventure to the tea-drinking journey.

Tealive Malaysia Signature Bang Bang Price

Discover the unbeatable prices of Tealive Malaysia’s Signature Bang Bang drinks.Enjoy the perfect blend of flavor and affordability in every sip.With these budget friendly options and treating yourself to your favorite tea beverage has never been easier.

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Tealive Milk Tea Menu

Indulge in the creamy goodness of Tealive’s Milk Tea Menu. From classic milk teas to innovative twists, each cup is a delightful journey for your taste buds. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, there’s a milk tea option to satisfy your cravings at Tealive.

Aren Palm Sugar

Tealive Malaysia

Experience the natural sweetness of Aren Palm Sugar at Tealive.Made from pure palm sugar, this sweetener adds a unique and authentic touch to your favorite drinks.Enjoy the rich flavor and cultural significance of Aren Palm Sugar in every sip at Tealive.

Tealive Malaysia Coco: 

Enjoy the tropical goodness of Tealive’s Coco series. Indulge in creamy coconut milk-based beverages blended with fresh fruit flavors. Each sip is a taste of paradise and perfect for cooling down on a sunny day.


Dive into a world of refreshment with Tealive’s tantalizing smoothies.Bursting with fruity goodness, these blended delights offer a deliciously smooth texture with every sip.Whether you crave the sweetness of mango or the tanginess of berries, there is a smoothie flavor to satisfy every craving.

Tealive Malaysia Coffee Meals 

Elevate your coffee experience with Tealive’s Coffee Meals.Pair your favorite brew with a satisfying meal for the perfect combination of flavor and satisfaction.From hearty sandwiches to delicious pastries, they are a delightful treat for any time of day.

Tealive Malaysia Menu – Nishino Fine Matcha

Indulge in the rich and authentic flavors of Nishino Fine Matcha at Tealive.This premium green tea blend offers a smooth and luxurious taste experience. Sourced from the finest matcha leaves, it is a delightful treat for tea enthusiasts looking for a taste of Japanese tradition.

Tealive Fruit Tea Price

Discover the refreshing burst of fruity goodness with Tealive’s Fruit Tea selection.With affordable prices, you can enjoy a variety of fruit-infused teas packed with natural flavors and vitamins. Quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds without breaking the bank at Tealive.

Tealive Malaysia Crafted Tea Menu Price

Tealive Malaysia

Explore Tealive’s Crafted Tea Menu and treat yourself to expertly blended teas at great prices. From classic favorites to unique concoctions, there is something for everyone. With reasonable prices, you can enjoy high-quality crafted teas without worrying about the cost.

Tealive Merchandise

Discover a world of Tealive merchandise featuring quirky mugs, stylish tumblers and adorable accessories.Show your love for Tealive beyond the cup with our range of fun and practical items.From statement tees to eco-friendly straws, there is something for every Tealive fan to enjoy.

Is Tealive Malaysia Halal?

Rest assured, Tealive Malaysia is proud to be Halal-certified, ensuring that all our beverages and ingredients comply with Islamic dietary laws. You can enjoy your favorite Tealive drinks with peace of mind, knowing that they meet the highest standards of quality and adherence to Halal principles.


How much is a cup of Tealive?

The price of a cup of Tealive varies depending on the size and type of drink, typically ranging from RM 6 to RM 12.

What is Tealive weakness?

Tealive’s weakness lies in its occasional inconsistency in maintaining service standards across its franchise locations.

Is Chatime and Tealive the same?

No, Chatime and Tealive are different tea franchises.

Final Thought

Tealive Malaysia’s updated 2024 menu offers a diverse range of delicious beverages at affordable prices.With options to suit every taste and preference, from classic teas to innovative creations, it continues to delight customers with its quality offerings.Whether you are craving a refreshing fruit tea or a comforting milk tea, Tealive’s menu ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank.So come explore the menu, and treat yourself to a delightful tea experience at Tealive today.

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